It all starts with good coffee. I was introduced to the speciality coffee world in around 2016 when one of my friends brewed me a fruity, floral Ethiopian coffee on his Kalita Wave. I was hooked straight away, I went online and bought a Hario V60, a grinder and some good beans and never looked back. But I always had a pang of guilt looking at the amount of waste I was producing buying hundreds of paper filters a year for my coffee habit, but that’s the only option if you want delicious pourover coffee, right?


An alternative.

I stumbled across a few things online talking about cloth filters and how they made coffee that was as good, if not better than paper, and I just had to try it out. I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them in the UK, and my partner wouldn’t let me order one from the US when we had a sewing machine and plenty of scrap fabric in the house. So I made a few for myself, and the coffee was delicious, then I bought more fabric, if I could get these results from what we had lying around, how good could they be with fabric chosen specifically for the task? So here we are…

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